Mar 09, 2020

Chilis Joins TikTok in order to Enhance Sales

Chili's is soon turning out to be a huge fan of TikTok. It was recently seen to have joined the popular app TikTok with its own challenge. It has introduced its challenge #ChilisBirthday for the purpose of celebrating the 45th year of the restaurant. 

The whole idea and plan behind coming on TikTok is to basically boost sales of the restaurant on the Birthday night. The challenge requires users to record a TikTok wherein you surprise someone with the chain's birthday song. 

Later, you are required to post the same with the hashtag and you might stand to win a chance the $313  gift card to Chilis restaurant. As of now, the budget that is spent by Chilis is on the challenge is not much.

TikTok too has been trending since the time it came into existence with over 1.5 billion downloads. Over the past years, it can be seen that Chilis now seem to be focusing its attention on digital channels.