May 09, 2019

Various Digital Terms That Twitter And YouTube Created

Social media seemed to be in its infancy almost two decades ago. Some of the platforms included LiveJournal and MySpace however they were no where near the reach and impact of contemporary platforms like Twitter and YouTube. In the year 2005, YouTube was launched and just about a year later Twitter began. 

Now it can be seen that there are 500 million tweets sent on Twitter and there are over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube. The following are some of the words and expressions which seem to be born from our new, digital normal. 

1. SUBTWEET - Tweets are basically the messages that are sent out on Twitter. A Subtweet on the other hand is described as a negative post, especially on Twitter which targets a certain person without directly mentioning them or their username. This term emerged on Twitter in year 2019. 

2. SNITCH-TAGGING - Snitch-tagging tends to be active-aggressive. This is the act of tagging the subject of a negative post about them especially on Twitter that they were not already tagged in. This term is basically cowardly, disrespectful and aggressive. 

3. RATIO - Ratio on Twitter is when replies to a tweet vastly outnumber the likes or retweets. In other words people are objecting to the tweet and consider its content bad. 

4. TWITTERSTORMS AND TWEETSTORMS - Twitterstorm is said to erupt like a storm on the social media network Twitter. Storm also suggests the spontaneous, unpredictable flurry activity and interest around a topic which can be chaotic. These often begin when a user tweets in anger regarding a subject, which is often triggered by a controversial or insensitive comment by a brand or politician. 

5. BLACK TWITTER - This is the collective identity of black users on Twitter. It is basically a digital commnunity that allows black people to connect and bond over what it means to be black.

The following are some of the terminologies that are used on YouTube:

6. REPLY-GIRLS - Reply Girls were basically a type of female YouTube user who used suggestive thumbnails for videos to earn views on their channels in order to monetize their content. 

7. SMASH OR PASS - It is a game in which the participants vote on whether they would smash(hook up) or pass (not hook up with) another person based on a picture or video of them.

8. ASMR - This word stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It means a calming, pleasurable feeling that is accompanied by a tingling sensation. 

9. UNBOXING - This is the act of documenting oneself, mostly on videos, of opening a packaged product from a box and displaying, reviewing and showing off its contents.

10. VLOGMAS - This is said to be a tradition among YouTubers to vlog or video-vlog everyday in the month of December until Christmas. It is said to be a blend of the words vlog, a video version of a blog and Christmas where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

11. THE WADSWORTH CONSTANT - There are rules of YouTube too and they are called as Wadsworth Constant. This is basically and idea that one can safely skip past the first 30 percent of any YouTube video without missing on any important important content. The word is taken from a username of a Redditor who first formulated the constant which is a term which riffs on a constant in physics.