Apr 23, 2019

Twitter has Tweaked to Combat Abuse and Harassment

Twitter has recently said that its efforts to fight down abuse and harassment has started to pay-off as the social media site has reported rising ad revenue in its first quarter. It has also seen the largest jump in the number of its daily users since the past two years.

It is also claimed by Twitter that the number of users who logged in the platform at least once a day has risen to an annualized 11 percent in the quarter to around 134 million which is said to be the largest increase since the year 2017.

Twitter seemed to have struggled in the past with slowing user growth amid rising complaints that the company had been too slow to respond to spam and harassment online. It seems to have made strides over the past year with the attempt to clean up its platform. The machine-learning algorithms at Twitter are now able to detect upto 38% of abusive content before it is flagged by a user.

Also Twitter is now seen to be removing three times more of its abusive accounts within 24 hours as compared with the same time last year. It is also open to be working with global lawmakers who had called for tough new rules for governing social-media companies.

However, Twitter still seems to be facing challenges. It is facing a backlash by Republican lawmakers in the United States which includes President Donald Trump. He had complained that liberal Silicon Valley companies are shifting conservative voices and harming free speech.
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