Sep 06, 2018

Twitter suspends Alex Jones and Infowars Accounts

Twitter has finally suspended Infowars and Alex Jones, a month later after companies like Apple, Facebook, and YouTube removed the infamous user. Alex Jones, is an infamous conspiracy theorist and owner of 'Infowars', known for his controversial theories and blog posts. Twitter permanently removed Alex Jones citing violation of “abusive behavior” rules.

Twitter finally took action after he tweeted a video of himself confronting a CNN reporter. Alex Jones called the reporter an equivalent of “the Hitler Youth” and also incorporated disturbing images to tarnish his image.

On August 6th, Apple banned Alex Jones' podcasts from its iTunes store, however his app 'Infowars' is still available on App Store. YouTube and Facebook also wiped out the content owned by him due to his hate speech toward immigrants and minorities. As all major tech companies had removed him from their platform, Twitter was the only one left, against which many users protested.

In response to the Twitter's inaction, Grab Your Wallet founder Shannon Coulter started a campaign to push Twitter to take necessary steps. Through the campaign, users blocked many Fortune 500 companies through a tool and prevented their ads from appearing on their social media timelines.

After Twitter's official announcement to ban Jones and his accounts, the leader of the campaign Shannon tweeted that she was unblocking the companies that people had blocked and asked others to do the same.

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