Aug 31, 2018

Twitter to introduce Threaded Comments and Status Indicators

Sara Haider, Twitter’s director of product management, has tweeted a couple screenshots that display the changes the platform wants to make to tweets to make it more conversational. Another feature that could possibly be introduced is status indicators that indicate when a user is online.

Apparently, Twitter is considering the introducing of threaded conversations and comment sections that seems like Facebook's comment thread. Twitter is also considering to introduce live status updates which indicate if a user is online. Although, the first feature of comment threading seems to be acceptable to make conversations easier to follow, the second feature does not seem to be a smart idea.

As Twitter is plagued by trolls, if they see a user is online they could use it to ensure that their reply has been seen. This could further provoke the user to reply to their tweets because their status shows "online". This gives more power to online trolls and increases chances of harassment issues.

Sara Haider did not mention when these features could be rolled out, so its possible Twitter will decide to not go ahead with these changes. Users can tell their thoughts about these feature by tweeting them to Sara Haider.

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