Mar 28, 2019

Twitter to launch a new True Dark Mode

Twitter has rolled out a new true dark mode. The CEO of Twitter had promised that he would fix his social network by getting rid of the gray-blue dark mode and will replace it with a 'true' dark mode.

It is said that a pitch black dark mode is better for your eyes and device battery. Twitter can now be one of those apps which will avoid those headaches and dead batteries. It is rolling out its 'Lights out' feature to the iOS app from the 28th of March.

However, no official word has been given for Android users. For using the Twitter Lights Out mode you need to follow the below steps:
  1. a. Open the app
  2. b. Head to settings and privacy in the menu
  3. c. Move to display and sound
  4. d. Go to dark mode and enable it
  5. e. Now select the lights out option.