Mar 24, 2020

Twitter Introduces its 'Good Copy, Bad Copy' Program for Creating Powerful Tweets.

Twitter seems to have come up with its tutorial that will help users in creating better tweets in the future. The tutorial will act as a guide in helping people create a more impactful and meaningful tweet. 

An approach by the founder of Twitter has been found that is titled 'Good Copy, Bad Copy' series. This approach contains various ways that can help you in creating a more valuable tweet. 

Some of the tips that are highlighted includes : 

- Adding Capital Letters - In order to highlight the impact of any hashtag brands should capitalize on the hashtag that is used. 

- Limited Hashtags - Another important aspect that needs to be taken care of is the usage of hashtags. Make sure that you do not unnecessarily use a large number of hashtags. 

- Website Cards - With this option you can reach to a larger audience. This is considered to be an effective way for creating better tweets. 

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