May 13, 2019

Google's Bet On Visual Search Might Be A Game Changer For Advertisers.

Google at the IO event recently showcased its visual search product in San Francisco. It also highlighted the Lens app for recognizing physical images and translating words in Chinese to English. 

Google is set to come up with both computer vision and augmented reality directly into Google Search. Pinterest and Microsoft are the other companies that are offering similar offerings however Google seems to hold the top position when it comes to search. 

Virtual reality and dash buttons came with a bang however they later got drizzled out. The situation might be different when we talk about visual search. It might be an important way through which consumers can learn regarding products while making purchase decisions.

In spite of seeing the growth in video and social media, one other factor responsible for fuelling digital advertising revenue is said to be search. Visual search might turn out to be a game changer when it comes to online discovery. 

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