Sep 05, 2018 Extended Shopping Platform to Hotel Rooms

According to the following article, it is seen that has recently extended its shopping platform to Hotel rooms. has basically teamed up with many hotels in order to showcase their technologies and marketplace products. It will also enable guests to purchase items that they find in their rooms. 

Some of the partnered hotels include Wanda, Sheraton, Beijing 5L and Greenland. This programme was introduced after the Chinese e-commerce giant realised that about 300 million customers had made purchases while they travelled. 

Through this programme, guests willbe allowed to purchase products which they enjoyed using while they stayed by scanning a QR code in the room. 

The items will then be sent to the customers to their hotel or home.

Alibaba Readies Chatbot ‘Upgrade’ for 11.11 Shopping Festival

Alibaba has mentioned that it has upgraded its chatbot with stronger predictive capabilities and also scalability in order to prepare for its annual 11 november shopping festival.24/7 automated customer support would be provided in order to manage peak volumes. 


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