Sep 06, 2018

Uber Introduces New Crash Detection Feature

According to the following article, Uber's new ride check feature can save your life. It is seen that Uber has been making many efforts in order to improve the safety of their services through features that include trusted contacts, an in-app panic button and also a new Safety Center section. 

Uber was also told to focus more on safety for drivers as well as riders. 


Through the built-in smartphone sensor which includes the accelerometer and gyproscope, the new Ride check feature will be able to detect high degree of accuracy on case your Uber vehicle gets involved in an accident. 

When you start using the ride alert, both the riders and the drivers are alerted regarding the same.  Because of this ride alert, if by any chance Uber's notifications receive no response than tu safety team will be alerted regarding the possibility  of a serious incident. 

Through ride check even if your uber stops for longer than ride check will check by sending a message asking if everything is fine or not. Some of the response option would include hitting the app's emergency button or reporting problem to Uber's critical safety line. 

The feature is said to be announced in the next few months.

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