Oct 24, 2018

Facebook Messenger gets a Radical New Look in close Competition to WhatsApp

Seeing a lot of new updates by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is also seemed to be revamped. It has received a radical new look which is basically set to be simple to use.

The new update is currently available. The emphasis is said to be on chats rather than other services. Simplicity is said to be one of the key priority in a messaging app. The tabs are said to be reduced from nine to three. Also chats are said to be customisable which Facebook is calling as "colour gradients".

As per the new update, when you tap into Messenger 4's people tab, you will be able to find friends, catch up on people's Stories and also see everyone who is active right now. There is also a Discover tab which can connect with businesses in order to provide you information regarding latest deals, play instant game, book your next vacation as well as follow news and more.

With the colour gradients feature, users will be able to customise the chat bubbles in conversations. It is also planning to introduce "Dark Mode".
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