Oct 28, 2018

How to Protect your child on WhatsApp

Kids nowadays are glued to their smartphones. It is but obvious that they will well aware regarding WhatsApp. Parents basically give their children phones so that they can stay connected to them however they now are more connected to smartphones.

Parents are responsible for educating their kids regarding the overuse of smartphones. They should also make their children aware regarding the ill effects of social media. When children seem to be involved in WhatsApp group, care should be taken regarding the following 2 points :

1. Share Appropriate content
As per the law in South Africa, the WhatsApp Group administrator is treated like an editor of a newspaper and are basically held responsible for the content they manage. Parents should make their kids aware regarding the contents of any article or post before sharing them on group pages.

2. Avoid Verbal Abuse, Bullying and Attacks
Parents should make their kids aware regarding posting any kind of hate speech on group platforms. Such a conduct might also lead to criminal liability. Group platforms should be treated as something wherein the exchange of information happens and should be treated as medium for socialisation.
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