Oct 08, 2018

How to Secure your WhatsApp Account from being Hijacked

WhatsApp accounts have been hacked by attackers in Israel. The attackers take advantage of the victims voicemail inbox in order to secure the One time Password.

This is a new way of hacking WhatsApp account and it takes advantage of weak passwords of voicemail systems. There is a strong chance for users who have enabled the voice mail for their numbers to have their WhatsApp accounts hijacked.

How does the WhatsApp Hack Work?
The attacker gains control of an individual's voicemail through which he can use the One Time Password for the purpose of logging into the victim's WhatsApp account. After this, when the victim goes away from the phone, the attacker will download and install WhatsApp in his phone and try and login via the OTP. Later the hacker will gain access to the victim's WhatsApp.

For greater security of your WhatsApp account you need to ensure a two factor authentication and set a really complex and difficult password.
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