Oct 28, 2018

How to become a WhatsApp Beta Tester

In order to stay informed regarding Whatsapp's new features, you need to become WhatsApp beta tester. WhatsApp first get its features to its Beta version in order to test them amongst a limited number of users and it is then rolled out to the public.

One of the reasons for WhatsApp to make its features available in Beta is to basically allow them to get rid of any kind of abnormalities before they launch them to the worldwide users.

The following are the steps in case you wish to become a WhatsApp beta user :

How to Become a Whatsapp Beta User via Browser:
  1. Open your browser on either your laptop/computer/smartphone
  2. Visit Google Play's website and head to WhatsApp beta test page
  3. Sign in with the account details
  4. Than press the 'Become a Tester'button.
  5. Go to Google Play Store and download the beta version of WhatsApp
  6. Search for WhatsApp
  7. You will see WhatsApp Messenger (Beta) instead of the regular 'WhatsApp Messenger'
  8. After that you will receive an update and after downloading that you will get WhatsApp's beta version

How to Become a Whatsapp Beta User via Google Play Store:
  1. Firstly open Google Play Store
  2. Then search for WhatsApp Messenger and open the app page
  3. You will find 'Become a beta tester' panel at the bottom
  4. Select 'I am in' and prese 'Join'
  5. After that you will receive an update, and on downloading that you will become a beta tester.