Nov 12, 2018

How to use your Photo as WhatsApp Sticker

Whatsapp Stickers can be added to make your chats more interesting and add a fun element to your conversation. These are rolled out with pack of 12 popular stickers which include Cuppy, Salty, Komo, Bibimbap Friends, Unchi & Rollie and Shiba Inu, The Maladroits, Koko, Hatch, Fearless and Fabulous, Banana, and Biscuit.

The app also supports third party stickers through which you can add more stickers. In order to add more stickers, you need to tap the plus icon and go to Get more stickers. With this feature, you can also turn your own photos into WhatsApp stickers. With the help of third party stickers you can create one.

For turning your photos into stickers you need to follow the below steps:
  1. Click on the photo with the desired expression
  2. Erase the background with any editing tool
  3. Then crop the image and save it in PNG format
  4. Download third party sticker creating app from the app store and then add your photo to the list
  5. After this is done, your photo will automatically show up in the list.

This update is available on the latest version of WhatsApp. You can got to the App Store or Play Store and just update the chat app.

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