Jul 01, 2019

List Of Upcoming WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp is all set to announce new and improved features for its users. Timely introduction of new updates has clearly made it one of the most popular messaging platform till date.

Detailed below are some of the other features that it is set to introduce :

  • QR CODE - With the help of this new feature, the steps will be reduced in scanning a new contact to the phone. The new feature will let users scan the WhatsApp QR code while adding another user as a contact.

  • Dark Mode - This feature will be highly beneficial during night time. Dark mode tends to reduce strain on the eyes and will also save on your battery.

  • WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication - This feature will provide an additional layer of security to WhatsApp chats. Users will be required to authenticate themselves whenever they use the app.

  • Sharing WhatsApp Post On Facebook - Users will now be able to share their WhatsApp status on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Google Photos.

  • Ranking of Contacts - This feature will basically rank your contacts on the basis with whom you interact the most.
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