Sep 05, 2018

New WhatsApp Update for iOS Devices

Whatsapp has recently brought out a new update for iOS. The new update brings in status search, suspicious link indicators and many other features.

The update is only for iOS users and has been said to be rolled out today. So you need to again update the app in order to enjoy the new benefits. The following are the new features which you will find on Whatsapp.

Status Search
This is the first new feature. In this feature, you can search for the status of a particular contact. With this new feature you can simply swipe down from the status page.

View Images in Notification
In this feature you can expand a WhatsApp media notification from the notification panel. This feature will be available only for iOS devices having the software version iOS 10.

Suspicious Link Feature
In this feature, WhatsApp will tell the users if a particular link is suspicious. The link will be scanned by WhatsApp and if it is found to be malicious than a red label will appear on top of the link. Immediately when you see a red label on the link you should not consider opening the same. 

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