Jan 04, 2019

What to do if you receive The Whatsapp Gold Hoax Message?

Recently, there seems to be a bug that has been encountered by WhatsApp users. It is something which is known as WhatsApp Gold hoax. There is a strange message which is warning users about two scams which seem to be circulating.

When users receive the message they are advised to download a virus which is disguised as a WhatsApp update. The first half of the message seems to be a hoax and was also circulated in the year 2017.

It was advised by an IT colleague that a video is out from WhatsApp which is called as martinelli and you should not open the same as it will hack your phone and nothing will fix it. The fact that 'martinelli' does not exist was first confirmed by the Police in Spain.

When we talk regarding the other half of the message which is WhatsApp Gold now that seems to be the real scam. This virus seems to be serious. WhatsApp Gold contains a link that is basically meant to enhance WhatsApp which inlcudes video chats and sends 100 picture at once and also being able to delete messages after they have sent.

The company has warned users who receive that message to delete the message.
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