Jan 22, 2019

WhatsApp Forwards Limit now applicable Globally

WhatsApp has placed a rule to limit forwards to 5 chats which is now applicable globally. One of the main reason for this move maybe to curb the spread of fake news and rumours through its platform.

It is since Monday that WhatsApp has limited the message forwards for all its users and has also removed the quick forward button for media messages. Apart from these limits, WhatsApp has also brought out full-page advertisements as well as television and radio campaigns in India.

These advertisements will offer tips to users on how to spot misinformation and also discourage them to forward incendiary messages. Since the past 5 months, the company is seen to spent about Rs.120 crore on print, television, and radio advertising and this is expected to be increased in the coming months.

By the month of March, the second phase of the ad campaign is scheduled to be launched.
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