Aug 31, 2018

WhatsApp Group Call Feature Launched for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users can now download the latest version of WhatsApp (version 2.18.164) from the Microsoft store, which includes the latest group call feature. The much awaited feature has been pushed out to all Windows Phone users after successful beta testing.

To start a group call, the user needs to first call someone from their contact list using a normal voice call option. During the voice call, they can send a video call request. Once the request is accepted by the other person, another person can be added to the same video call by selecting “Add Contact” option on the screen. The third person also gets a video call request which he/she can join after accepting the invitation.

Besides introducing the group call feature, the messaging service has given more rights to the group admins. The group admins can now decide who are allowed to send messages to the group. The admin can also restrict the messages by only allowing other users to send it to the admin. This ensures that any fake message is not posted by the other group members.

The new update has some usual bug fixes and performance improvements to WhatsApp. However, this latest update is only available for Windows Phone which are of 8.1 or above versions. Older versions of the Windows Phone do not support the new updates of WhatsApp.

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