Jan 07, 2019

WhatsApp data can be stolen with these Apps present on Google Play Store

There is a buzz going around that sharing data on WhatsApp is not safe. There is a certainity that WhatsApp data can be stolen by hackers with a few apps. So in that case how can you than save the data. There are certain apps on Google Play Store which can help you to steal data from WhatsApp or it can give them access to your phone.

It is always claimed that WhatsApp is the safest app which is present on smartphones. Though, WhatsApp supports end to end encryption it is still not the safe from hackers.

Malware is said to be a software which is responsible for causing damage and stealing data from a computer, server, client or computer network. There is a malware known as 'ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY' which seems to come with around six apps and have been downloaded over 100,000 times from Google Play Store.

Users from around 200 countries have been affected by this malware. Some of the apps include :
  • Flappy Birr Dog
  • Flashlight
  • win7imulator
  • Win7Launcher
  • HZPermis Pro Arabe
  • Flappy Bird.
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