Mar 15, 2019

WhatsApp is becoming a Medium for Public Grievances Redressal in India.

WhatsApp seems to be becoming a medium for Public Grievances Redressal in India.

A WhatsApp-based helpline was launched in Kozhikode last month which was reachable at +91-6238488686. The information is verified by the police officers in Kozhikode through WhatsApp at their level and it is then reached out to the offenders. There are cases where warnings are also send to the officers directly through their WhatsApp numbers.

In order to keep a record of the complaints that are received by the Police department they seem to have made a model in which the team is seen logging everything that they receive from the citizens. There are times when the Police also receives wrong complaints and misinformation.

The Pune Police also seems to be operating their own WhatsApp number through +91-8975283100. The Pune Police receives around 15 to 20 complaints on a daily basis. In the same way, the Mangaluru City Police too seems to have a dedicated WhatsApp helpline number.