Sep 20, 2018

WhatsApp might get Banned in India if the Issue of Hoaxes is not Resolved

Whatsapp might soon be banned in India by the government, if it does not find a permanent solution to deal with Hoaxes. This incident is going on since early August. As a solution to address this issue, the government has asked the company to track the messages right from its origin.

The government has also planned to send another official letter to Whatsapp which will be the third one till now. The letter is basically to remind the company regarding the fact it is required to meet requirements or it has to face the risk of being banned from the country.

Firstly, the company needs to work out for a technical solution in order to allow law enforcement to track the origin of WhatsApp Messages. Also the forwards need to be limited to up to five groups at a time instead of the earlier 250.

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