Oct 31, 2018

WhatsApp partners with Invest India of Startup India

WhatsApp has recently announced a partnership with Invest India. The main aim of this partnership is to promote the growth of startups and SMB's. This is said to be one of the largest corporate partnership invest which India has made so far.

Key Elements of Whatsapp and Invest India Partnership:
  1. The company is all set to award around $50,000 to about five startups
  2. It is also set to grant $250000 in Facebook Ads
  3. Certain selected startups will also get a chance to present at the state capitals

WhatsApp SMB App is set to host around 3 million businesses and also include tools in order to help a business. Currently, there are about 50 million SMB's in India which employ around 100 million people and at the same time contribute a third to India's GDP.
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