Nov 14, 2018

WhatsApp to add QR Code and a new Add Contact Features

WhatsApp has recently been spotted testing QR Code. It is also seen testing a fresh add contact feature for iOS and Android users. With this new feature, the process of adding contacts is said to become faster and at the same time you can also share one's contact information through a QR code.

With the new feature, after you select the option of 'Add new contact', a new section will be seen popping up which will ask you to choose the country where the phone number of the person you want to add is located.

After you add this, WhatsApp will automatically add the country code and after this the user can insert the phone number. Once you add the number, WhatsApp will let you know whether the user is on WhatsApp or not.

WhatsApp is also seen to add one more feature wherein users will be allowed to share their own numbers as well. This feature is said to be similar to the nametag feature which is recently seen on Instagram and Snapchat. Now with this new feature, you can choose to add a contact via the WhatsApp QR code function.

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