Oct 18, 2018

WhatsApp to introduce Vacation Mode and an Option to Link Social Accounts

WhatsApp is working on a new feature known as Vacation Mode. In its recent update users can also link their Instagram account soon. These features are expected to improve the overall chat and notifications experience.

The new feature might soon enable you to link your Facebook and Instagram account with WhatsApp. The new vacation mode is all set to improve your chat experience. The new features are yet to be rolled out.

WhatsApp had already introduced the silent mode feature which is said to be enabled by default. Silent feature basically hides the app badges for chats which you have muted. With the vacation mode feature, you will be able to keep the archived chats as archived.

With the linked accounts feature, you will be basically allowed to link your WhatsApp account with your Instagram account and even your Facebook account. This feature will be useful if in case you forget your Facebook or Instagram password.
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