Nov 13, 2018

Whatsapp, Google Duo and Hike to come under TRAI Regulations

WhatsApp, Google Duo and Hike are all set to come under TRAI regulation. TRAI is all set to develop a regulatory framework on internet telephony for OTT players. It is basically providing a regulatory framework for apps that provide calling and messaging services similar to that by operators.

Recently, it was seen that WhatsApp and Facebook have come under scrutiny of policymakers for issues relating to data breach and fake news. As per recent updates by TRAI, the pressure is said to increase.

TRAI claims that the shift of telecom operators to new networks makes their voice call service comparable to that of OTT players. As per TRAI, telecom operators should know about their customers using their services and at the same time allow lawful interception of communication when required as per the law of the land.

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