Nov 13, 2018

Whatsapp to Delete All Chats on Google Drive

WhatsApp is all set to delete all unsaved chats on Google Drive. The data of WhatsApp on Google Drive will no longer be counted towards storage capacity.

There was an announcement by WhatsApp on Monday stating that users would loose their chat histories if they have not backed up their stored data and chats on Google Drive. WhatsApp has warned its users who have not to backed up their videos and chats on Google Drive for over a year will eventually lose all their data.

If you are amongst those who have not yet backed up their data, here are the steps through which you can do the same :
  1. Firstly Go to settings than chats and finally chats backup
  2. After this, tap on the Back up option which is highlighted in green colour
  3. On Google Drive, WhatsApp also provides you with the option to customise your chat backup.

You will get the option to choose to backup your data either manually or set to automatic backup either daily, weekly or monthly. You can either use your WiFi or mobile data to backup your WhatsApp data.

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