Jan 13, 2020

Highly Productive WhatsApp Features to Look Out for in 2020.

WhatsApp has now emerged to be one of the most popular platforms when it comes to allowing people to stay connected. It is one of those platforms that is used quite actively on a daily basis.
The platform has witnessed a huge growth in the number of people using the app. It has now become one of the easiest way to connect with people. WhatsApp has some great features that many people might now be aware about. 
WhatsApp has introduced a lot of new features which seem to be immensely productive. Let's have a small overview regarding some of the hidden features : 
A. VIP chats - WhatsApp allows you to separate your most important chats from other chats. You can pin upto 3 at the same time. 
B.Media Download - WhatsApp allows you to turn off automatic downloads incase if you the incoming media occupies a lot of space in your device. 
C. Bookmarking - This plays a key role if you wish to bookmark important messages. 
D. Frequently Messaging - WhatsApp now allows you to check the data and find out who you message the most. The data will appear in a ranking format and you can see to whom you contact the most. 
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