Oct 02, 2018

Google Introduces New Features for YouTube Advertisers

Google is all set to introduce new ways for YouTube Advertisers in order to enable them to make more money. The YouTube Ads will basically help advertisers to drive more conversions.

The new features are said to provide a combination of creative solutions which are offered by YouTube along with machine learning and measurement solutions which are offered by Google Ads.

Ad Extensions
A wider variety of video ad extensions will be available for the purpose of driving more conversions. The extensions are said to join the existing location and form extensions for TrueView in-stream ads.

New Measurement Solutions
The brand lift solution is getting evolved for YouTube ads. The main aim for this is to make it easier for advertisers to measure and act upon both upper and lower funnel metrics. Throughout the duration of an advertisers campaign brand lift studies will be sent. This will basically help them to understand how video ads are influencing viewers perceptions in near real time. Brand Lift will include two metrics:-
  • Lifted Users
  • Cost per Lifted Users
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