Aug 24, 2018

Google Removed about 39 YouTube Channels linked to Iran

According to recent reports, Google has recently identified some sort of hacking activity and hence removed about 39 YouTube Channels which were linked to Iran. This also includes six blogs on Blogger and other 13+ Google accounts.

It found out that there were about 39 channels which were linked to state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Google also stated that there is ongoing investigations on this topic.

It was also reported that Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet have actively removed about hundreds of accounts which were tied to some Iranian propaganda operation.

Google has also got itself engaged with some cyber security firm FireEye in order to provide the company with intelligence. It was suspected by FireEye that there is some sort of influence operation that seems to originate from Iran.

After Google engaged with FireEye the price of FireEye company rose to about 10%.

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