May 12, 2019

3 Days And James Charles Lost 2 Million YouTube Subscribers.

Tati Westbrook had uploaded an explosive 43 minute video with the title "Bye Sister". This video included a series of allegation against her close friend and also YouTube icon James Charles

James Charles seemed to have immense followers somewhere close to 16,553,579 subscribers. Just past three days that is on the 12th of May he suddenly lost around 2 million subscribers. The follower count still seems to be impressive inspite of having this massive drop. 

James Charles seems to be controversy's favorite child this month. As of now, James is on his Australian leg of the tour. James recent pic from Met Gala was rather cool however what aggravated his fans was the caption on it. 

However, to Tati's videos James responded stating that he is sorry and wishes to keep on learning and growing from his mistakes.