Aug 26, 2018

More Non-Skippable Ads coming to Youtube

YouTube is rolling out non-skippable ads to all channels in its YouTube Partner Program so that video creators can earn more. Since advertisers pay more money for non-skippable ads, video creators can expect to earn more from them. This was announced on YouTube's official Creator Insider account.

Earlier the feature of non-skippable ads was only available to a few creators as an experiment. Now, users can expect to come across a comparatively larger number of ads that they will not be able to skip starting this week. However, the length of these ads will be between 15 to 20 seconds as per Google Help page. Even this is quite less compared to a TV commercial, but it is four times more if you compare it with "Skip Ad" button that allows us to skip a video after 5 seconds.

Loyal viewers will probably keep watching despite more ads if they are really interested in the creator and the content. However, creators with less loyal fans and similar content can face a fall in viewership after this feature of non skippable ads is rolled out to all channels.

Creators will get automatic access to this feature after its roll out. Even their previous uploads will automatically access this feature. Creators can also track the performance of their non-skippable ads using the tools on YouTube. If they find that this feature is hurting their viewership or earnings, they can deactivate non-skippable ads for all their videos.

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