Jan 16, 2019

YouTube has Banned Dangerous Prank Videos after Bird Box Challenge Mishaps

YouTube has decided to ban the dangerous prank videos after it realized that the Bird Box challenge goes viral. It's updates policies have clearly banned pranks that trick people into thinking that they are in danger which includes fake home invasions or drive by shootings.

YouTube has forbidded content that incits dangerous activities which can cause serious harm. There was a "Fire Challenge" which dared people to put flammable liquid on their bodies and than ignite it.

Talking about the "Bird Box" thriller which was released on Netflix a month back has inspired a challenge for people to do things blindfolded, mimicking characters in the original streaming film.

The company has also banned pranks that cause children trauma. If you violate policies on YouTube you will get a strike which will eventually limit some features such as live streaming.
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