Aug 31, 2018

Apple will now be asking for Privacy Policy Data on all Apps

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO has been very stern about protecting their user's privacy. The company is now changing how it used to approach the app developers on its App Store by asking every app even when its in testing stage to submit a privacy policy for distribution in the App Store or through TestFlight external testing.

Developers will now only be able to edit their privacy policy links when they submit a new version of their app. However, this does not seem to be foolproof as developers can still freely change the text on the web page if their privacy policy has a link to an external site.

Apple has also not made it clear how it would be reviewing the apps before approval. This process could make be even longer considering the new changes. Recently, Apple removed an app called Onavo which collected data and shared it with Facebook. This indicates that Apple will take a tougher stance on apps that collect user data in the future.

Apple's new developer policy was announced in a report which explains developers how they can can add or edit privacy policies for the App Store as part of the new rule.

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