All you need to know about Hyperlocal Marketing

If you are into small local business, then going for Hyperlocal Marketing is what you need to consider. Hyperlocal marketing is focused on aiming a specific local area.

The increase in the usage of mobile devices has directly resulted in the growing importance of Hyperlocal marketing. Detailed below are some the Hyperlocal marketing strategies that can be considered by you :
  • BUSINESS LISTINGS: Make sure that your online business listings is updated. You need to update you Google My Business and Yelp listings. Provide information such as business name, address, phone number and business hours.

  • CONTENT MARKETING: Nowadays people before visiting any store search for it online. Make sure that you post relevant content which holds value to the customers. Also make sure to use the particular local language on that area.

  • SEARCH MARKETING: Focus on those keywords that are related to both the location and the product or service.

  • SMS MARKETING: It is estimated that around 86% of SMS messages turn out to be effective and people alps tend to react quickly to it.

  • EMAIL MARKETING: You can use this strategy to send relevant emails to your customers regarding different offers and promotions. Make sure that your emails are relevant enough.

  • LOCATION - BASED ADVERTISING: With this strategy you can serve ads to people on the basis of where they are now, where they had been and where they might likely tend to be.

  • OOH ADVERTISING: OOH stands for Out of Home advertising. With the help of this advertising, you can serve relevant ads in areas of high local traffic. It can help you to boost your traffic as well as sales.

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