Microsoft latest test build of Windows 10 'Redstone 5 includes many features, fixes and corrects many known issues. The fixes are for Edge browser, Windows Defender Application, Notepad and Azure. Windows 10 Redstone 5, also rumored to be known as 1809, is expected to launch in October 2018 for consumers.


According to reports, there are certain which can enable you to see which apps are able to read your Gmail. Third party app developers have the ability to read user, emails, as reported by the Wall Street Journal which has basically raised questions regarding Google’s oversight.


After Gentoo Linux’s GitHub repository was hacked, developers have now revealed how it was done. The incident seems to have taken place after the hackers guessed one of the administrator’s password, which probably was more predictable than is the notion. The changes introduced after the attack include two-factor authentication, and a password policy that mandates password managers is planned.


Hackers have come up with yet another exploiting piece of software – this time, one which watches millions of Bitcoin wallet addresses, takes over the user’s clipboard and subtly changes the pasted wallet address with one associated with the hackers. The program uses a massive DLL file to modify the wallet address being cut and pasted. The program uses a massive DLL file to modify the wallet address being cut and pasted.


According to recent sources, Hackers have taken over Linux’s Gentoo Github repository. The company immediately posted an update and informed users that none of the codes have been compromised. For time being, the company has pulled its Github repository and are uploading a fresh copy of pure codes.


Wi-Fi security is getting a long-awaited and much-needed upgrade from the last enacted protocol – WPA2, first used in 2004 – in the form of WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access III), which will seek to bolster its strength and simplicity. The new Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE) standard will add extra protection to even ridiculously simple passwords, adding extra ‘passwords’ to a given interaction between two devices using WPA3.


According to recent reports, YouTube has recently improved its monetisation model in response to ‘adpocalypse’. Since the new ad policies were making it difficult for publishers to earn enough money YouTube has now began rolling out a “channel subscription” kind of paid subscription option especially for it top creators.


The incognito or private mode feature on a browser, often infamously referred to as the ‘porn mode’, is a feature that keeps your browsing on the internet private from other users, and doesn’t store your browsing history or any cookies. Private mode can be used to get around paywalls on pages that only allow access for a limited number of times. You can also use it in instances where you don’t want your browsing history to be discovered.


Google has made accessing privacy information easier for users, coming up with a new user interface to help users get around easily and see what data they are sharing with Google. The new feature is currently only available for Android devices, and in plans to be rolled out for iOS and web browsers by later this year. The new features have been extensively tested to provide detailed information about the functions of each option.


Google plans on making app development less time-consuming, less expensive and a whole lot easier with the release of its App Maker application to the public. This will allow users to basically code their own apps using snippets and pre-coded modules to make the whole process much shorter and easier. . The project is mainly aimed at helping teachers teach how to code apps, or at employees to create sub-apps for their specific needs.