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The following article highlights the fact about how we can maintain balance in the Digital Advertising Equation. The balance to be maintained is basically in terms of Efficiency and Emotion.


The following article highlights about 4 ways in which marketing automation has been evolving. Marketing automation has been a boon to many people since it has helped in the reduction of tedium which normally associated with repetition of tasks.


According to sources, Saurabh Kapoor who is a part of Koovs is all set to launch digital agency 'hashtag orange'. This new agency will work in Gurugram.


The following article highlights the most common nightmares related to Digital Marketing. India is currently the second highest online market in the world with a whooping 430 million users database.


Google My Business is a free utility that allows small businesses to manage their Google listings, when people search for them on Search or Maps; and hence every business must use this tool to control how they appear to people on the internet. You should strongly consider getting your business listed and verified on GMB; this allows you to gain complete control over editing your listing, and makes you more reputable and believable to your customers.


The 80-20 rule can generally be stated as 80% of the effects come from 20% of the cause. This rule applies in all walks of life, and so also in email marketing – somewhere quite obviously, and somewhere in a more subtle manner. Simply put, 80% of the engagements and other metrics can be attributed to 20% of the subscribers, 20% of the products or services offered will make up 80% of the total sales etc.


Digital marketing is an indispensable marketing method for brands around the globe. Companies are constantly trying to leverage this technology to understand their customer better. However, there are certain things that render the digital marketing environment dynamic.


According to recent reports, there are certain untapped keyword ideas which might arise through a competitor analysis. It is believed that companies on the same tools which have been searching the terms which they target. Google Keyword Planner has started playing a key role in determining search volume, cost-per-click and ranking probability.


Search engine Google has announced that it will officially be withdrawing the public page for submitting URLs to its search index but will continue to accept submissions via the Google Search Console login page, as per a tweet from Google Webmasters – though they never stated why they had to undertake this particular decision. As of now, the public submit URL form has been taken down.


Video marketing has emerged to be one of the most used promotional tools that every marketer uses. Usually, some marketers disregard video marketing in their strategy as they don’t know how or where to begin. This article provides tips to marketers to use video marketing effectively.

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