May 26, 2019

Chatbots Emerging as a New Trend in Social Media Management

Chatbots seem to be a new trend when it comes to social media management. A perfect example of a chatbot is Nightbot which can be used either on Twitter or Twitch. With the help of this, life stream chat can be automated using more control.

Nightbot can be customized and it provides you with better control over your chat. It is an interface which can provide you with better opportunities to entertain all of your supporters.

Nightbot can also respond to frequently asked questions since it is equipped with an excellent command system. Nightbot can be helpful in case if you wish to reward one of the lucky viewers through a gift. Its most interesting features is the giveaways system.

The process for signing up for Nightbot is pretty easy and it can be done when you log in to YouTube or Twitch.

If your well aware about HTML and JavaScript then you too can create a customized chatbot that can be easily integrated with YouTube.