Coca Cola's Digital Transformation

The world is increasingly getting digitized. Last month it has been reported that Coca-Cola has set out its digital transformation strategy. The meaning of brands is seen to be changing. Also there is a need for brands to change along with us. The following are the three key things which brands need to keep in mind:

1. Maintain Omni Channel Brand Integrity
As per analyst, Amazing is said to be worth three trillion dollars. It is also said to double in the coming years. The main question for brands arise regarding how to maintain brand integrity across various digital and in-store channels.

2. Digital Content Focus
The speed with which brands need to execute is seen to be changing. In order for brands to remain competitive it is important to leverage the wave of Digital shopper transformation.

3. Insights for Digital Brands
Firstly Coca-Cola had been smart to recognize the buying habits of shoppers and also secondly the company is smart enough to establish a four-part digital transformation strategy with a view to make buying the world a Coke a truly digital experience.

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