Difference between SEO and SEM

So what makes SEO different from SEM. These words though might look similar but there is a vast difference between them. Understanding them will be a challenge if you are new to digital marketing.

There is a tendency that we generally tend to misuse these words. These words seem to work hand in hand however, they do not mean the same.

What is SEM?
SEM basically refers to Pay-Per-Click advertising. It is a process which involves improving the visibility of your website in search engines. It refers to running paid ads which help to target the keywords the customers search for on search engines which includes Google and Bing.

What is SEO?
SEO is process which involves optimizing the content for user search intent. It involves creating high-quality content and also developing seamless user experience which aids users get the information which they have been looking for.

Though SEO and SEM are different, yet they share the below mentioned same key factors:
  • Keywords are Key: Keywords are required by both organic as well as paid search . Keyword research basically help to capture traffic from high-volume searches.
  • Optimise and Re-optimise: SEO and SEM both require ongoing tracking and optimization in order to ensure optimal performance and positive return on investment. You can track your organic and paid traffic trends by leveraging your website's analytics.
  • User Behaviour Matters: There are search engines like Google which rely heavily on user behaviour in order to understand if your search experience will be served up more frequently or at a lower cost.

It is claimed that both SEO and SEM are better together. Businesses having strong online presence and a positive return on investment one of the strategy recommended would involve balancing the results of SEM with a long-game SEO.
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