Effective Tools for Online Marketing

With the help of the right marketing tools you can accomplish way more and when your marketing strategies are better it will likely increase your profits. Here are some:

  • PaveAI
    Google Analytics as of now remains the most popular and efficient tool which is available for assessing consumer behavior. With the introduction of PaveAI you can achieve a lot more. With PaveAI, you can access any site's Google Analytics and get data-driven reports.

  • Hubspot
    This is an important content strategy tool with the help of which you use artificial intelligence to determine content strategy.

  • AgoraPulse
    With the help of Agora you can manage different social media apps through just one platform, assess your activities, communicate with existing and prospective customers through various online campaigns and schedule posts.

  • HotJar
    It offers tools that determine consumer behavior by recording website visitors, click maps, scroll maps,feedback and survey polls.

  • AdobeSpark
    This is an amalgamation of 3 tools including Spark Page, Spark Post and Spark Video. It is responsible for creation of web pages.

  • Recordit
    It allows marketers to record the computer screen and directly upload as a GIF file.

  • Wistia
    It offers a secure platform to create, manage and share videos.

  • Eventbrite
    This enables marketers to promote events, enable registration, ticket booking and payment through the use of one platform

  • Typeform
    This is a marketing tool which is used to extract customer response by incorporating a communicative approach rather than asking customers to answer standard questionnaires.

  • Adstage
    With this platform, you can create and manage content across several platforms all at once and receive reports on the performance and feedback from each of these campaigns.
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