Mar 19, 2019

How Digital Marketing has a Higher ROI as compared to Traditional Marketing

With the help of marketing, you can reach to a wider audience and create awareness regarding your products or services. There are various marketing methods which you can use however they have their own disadvantages.

Therefore, here we can see the importance of digital marketing arise. With the help of digital marketing, marketers can create awareness among the right audience at the right time at the right location and also on the right device. Digital marketing will also enable you to get instant results.

The cost involved in traditional vs digital marketing is said to come in the ratio 20:1. The cost of television commercials and billboard and radio ads is said to be not less than crores as in case of digital marketing which involves only a few lakhs only.

Traditional ads lack the capability to engage users whereas in case of digital marketing, marketers can communicate with the customers on a real-time basis via chats.

Coming to a conclusion, it can be said that the ROI from digital marketing is said to be 100 times better than the standard marketing practices and is said to be a cost effective method too.