How Online Business Model Encourages Prejudice

Online business model basically seems to encourage prejudice. It was recently seen that certain lawsuit brought against Facebook for job advertisements had exposed the discriminatory nature of the online marketing.

It was in the month of September that a group of people searching for work had filed a complaint against Facebook and ten other companies for  discriminating against women.

The platform was used by dozens of employers in order to target job ads at particular age groups. Apart from Facebook, there are many other companies where targeted ads have become central. This also includes Google's business model.

Facebook has however dismissed these charges. These charges are unable to end soon. One of the reasons is that discrimination basically lies in the heart of targeted advertising.

Discrimination basically means to select or distinguish based on identifiable characteristics. With targeted advertising, advertisers get the power to discriminate on the basis of various characteristics including age, gender, location, behaviour, and internet based targeting.

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