How to Unlock your Brand Potential with LinkedIn Carousel Ads

LinkedIn had launched various features in the year 2018 and Carousel Ads has turn out to be an important tool for marketers to reach their audience. Over the years, LinkedIn has widened its scope and is seen developing a well-rounded platform for marketers to reach and engage their audiences.

The Carousel Ads was launched in the month of July 2018 and had caught everyone's attention as a great way to bring storytelling back into the B2B marketing. With the help of these Ads, brands can tell their stories and interact with audiences on the platform as these ads allow you to add texture to your stories with multiple visuals and links that users can swipe through on their feed horizontally.

Also with these Ads, they offer increased click-through rates since they stand out in the newsfeed and encourage audiences to engage with them. These ads are mostly reserved for the advertisers and cannot be created organically.

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