Apr 07, 2019

Nike is Building a Massive Digital Advantage.

Nike is all set to build its own massive Digital Advantage. It is aimed to separate itself from the competition with its major focus on customers' digital experience. It is seen that Nike's sales growth bounced from 2% last year quarter to 13% in the last quarter.

Nike's main strategy is to make a digital shopping experience a lifestyle of its own rather than just throwing up a website or rolling out an app. It is aimed to provide a better overall customer experience which will basically allow customers to read about upcoming releases, track their favourite styles, and also store payment information to make checkout easier.

SNKRS seems to be a valuable marketing tool for Nike and it was launched in the year 2015.

The company is seen to fine-tune its operations which includes digital tagging and tracking of products using radio-frequency identification allowing Nike to track products through the production process until the item is sold to the customer.

The RFID initiative will help Nike do a better job in getting materials in place faster, ready to go into production ahead of demand. Nike seems to be a growth company which is built on innovation but is also increasingly differentiating itself with its investments in technology.
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