Online Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

Businesses need to be visible to all this holiday season. Your business should be all geared up this festival season. In order to let your business achieve that level of success you should consider these nine online marketing tips :
  1. Plan Ahead: Firstly you should start planning a couple of months ahead. Give your customers a teaser as to what’s going to come through countdown social media posts and newsletters. Apart from creating awareness it also creates excitement among the audiences.
  2. Write Helpful Articles around Keywords: When you write meaningful articles it will help improve your SEO ranking and in turn drive traffic to your website. You can also increase sales by placing high commercial intent keywords at strategic points.
  3. Create a Christmas Gift Guide: You consider creating an entire tab which will be devoted to help the customers find something for everyone on their list.
  4. Launch a Google Ads Campaign: It’s worthwhile if you consider creating a separate campaign which will be geared towards securing holiday sales. Consider driving your traffic to valuable web pages including a section of your Christmas gift guide.
  5. Increase your Email Marketing Efforts: Consider setting up a series of standard newsletters which enable the promotion of different products, services and offers.
  6. Run a Time Sensitive Special Offer: If you put a time limit on your special offer it will excite your customers more.
  7. Host a Branded Social Media Photo Contest: It’s always a good idea to ask your followers to capture a picture of themselves using the specific product in a creative way in order to win something spectacular.
  8. Share Holiday Themed Social Media Posts: You should consider adding certain non promotional posts in your content plan. The posts should be entertaining and at the same time should inspire the followers.
  9. Appeal to Emotions: Your holiday campaign should appeal to human emotions whether good or bad. You should consider using emotional trigger words which your customers can relate to.

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