Small Business Automation Tools to Keep in Mind

When we see small businesses we generally tend to think that since they are small in size they would have less responsibilities and maybe their tasks wouldn't be that challenging. However, small businesses are more difficult to run.

Starting from budget difficulties to lack of workforce everything seems difficult. However, with the implementation of specific tools these activities can be made simple. The following includes a few of these tools :

    This platform includes email marketing as well as sales and CRM functionalities. The entire customer data and sales processes will get automated through ActiveCampaign.

    This tool will help you to keep a track on the entire procurement and purchase order processes. PurchaseControl will help to save your time since everything will be organized and in track.

    One of the major challenges for small business is when it comes to payroll. Being a small business, it is likely to have only one or two full-time employees. Deluxe Payroll will help to combat this issue and will also ensure that you stay in compliance with the relevant federal regulations.

  4. 4. TRELLO
    You need to make sure that you are assiging the right task to the the right members and if you fail to do so it might pose a major challenge for you. Trello tool will help you to easily organize details and assiging a team member to a specific task.

  5. 5. CALENDLY
    With the help of Calendly, you can easily schedule meetings and appointments. It will help to schedule meetings in an organized manner.

  6. 6. BUFFER
    In order to be active online, you need to make sure that you post timely on social media. Small businesses due to lack of budget, might not have a social media team. With the help of Buffer, you can schedule your posts to get posted on different social media platforms.

    Customers will continue to come to you provided that you offer them excellent customer service. Hence,providing quality customer service is crucial. FreshDesk tool can help you to provide a solution to each and every customer issue or complaint.

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