TripAdvisor rebuilds its Website for better Mobile Experience

TripAdvisor has now shifted focus to social with its all-new site and mobile experience. TripAdvisor has recently revamped its website and mobile experience and introduced a more social and personal approach related to travelling and eating out.

The all-new TripAdvisor is said to be in Beta form. The new TripAdvisor will enable users to follow and connect with individual or content creators who are reluctant to share information in which they are interested.

Members can also create more content in the form of photos, videos, and also articles. It is also expected to launch 'travel feed' which is a social network style news feed and will contain useful information, advice and also an inspiration to help users plan their travels.

It is also claimed that over 500 social influencers, consumer brands, publishers and travel partners have joined in during the new site's beta run.

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