Jan 30, 2020

The Top 6 Digital Marketing Podcasts.

The digital marketing world is ever-changing. Constant updates keep coming up related to various social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These platforms keep on changing and gradually bring out regular updates. 

Podcasts have now emerged to be a medium wherein people get to know about this information. Podcasts are now available through various platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Following are the 6 best and most popular podcasts :

a. Michael Stelzner Podcast - This podcast is quite helpful and will help in understanding the various strategies for the purpose of improving social media marketing. It is a 45-minute podcast.

b. Hit the Bottle - The podcast focuses on the aspect of public relations, data, and marketing podcasts. 

c. Amy Porterfield Podcast - The podcast covers interviews with various digital marketers and small business owners. It extends to around 1 hour. 

d. The Social Media Giant - This podcast includes social media stories, insights, experimentation and learning. 

e. Social Pros - This is amongst the most popular podcast and it stretches to around 1 hour. 

f. Actionable Marketing - This podcast includes different digital marketing strategies and weekly interviews.   
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