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If you are someone who is new to the online world then marketing your brand will be the first priority on your list. Online marketing is crucial to get yourself identified on online platforms. There are numerous online marketing software tools that are available today online. 

We have mentioned below a list of the best online marketing tools that can help in the growth of your business : 

1. Send Blaster - This tool is great when it comes to online marketing. The tool makes use of emails for setting up your marketing campaigns. 

2. Diabolic Traffic Bot - The tool has been certified to be one of the best tools. It is an effective tool when it comes to increasing the number of visitors. 

3. Keyword Research Pro - As the name suggests the tool is related to keywords. The keywords that tool suggests can be used to increase traffic to your website. 

4. Whatssender Pro - If you are someone in the business of who sends bulk messages via desktop then this is the best tool for you. 

5. Igramtool  - This tool can enable in making auto accounts of Instagram. The tool is considered a huge hit for increasing sales. 

6. AutoPosting Tool - This tool as the name suggests will automatically lead to posting your ads. You can post an unlimited number of ads with this tool. 

7. Mass Video Blaster - This tool is great option for uploading videos. The app enables any business to upload many videos on YouTube at a single time. 

8. FB Audience Blaster - If you are looking out to search for information regarding user details this is the tool for you. The tool enables searching details like name, gender, location, contact number, etc. 

9. Ultimate Mailer – Bulk Mails Sender - The tool will enable you to send lots of emails at a single time. Some popular options include herein are Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. 

10. Mass Planner - If you are looking out to increase the traffic for your business then this is the tool for you. It is an auto-scheduler software that will increase the social traffic in leaps and bounds. 
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